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What does Trato Stands for?

Trato is a proposal for a spanish national association. Trato means both «deal» and «mutual behavior».

poster number 1: riveting machine and aubergines

Alberto’s riveting machine for aubergines.

poster number 2: coat and cedar closet

Pedro’s coat for a cedar closet.

illustration exchange
lyric exchange

The campaign consists in a series of posters, which trades both visually (illustration) and lyrically (2 phrased jingle) one item from an actor and the second trader’s, swapping or trading the logical order, so the trade is more notorious, such as depicted in the contiguous pictures.

The Making off

first sketches

First Sketches

  • single letter
  • characters skeleton and basic modules

Assembling the poster

hand-drawn type
outline and double the trace
marking zones
lettering coloring
typeface integration

The posters


Once the graphic language is established, it serves up as the brand’s communication system for any kind of advertising piece.
  • poster 1
  • poster 2


signaling lettering
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More stuff

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