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The Complete Set

Playing to do Business?

It doesn’t matter what or where you work at,
we are all working bees.
Just play for the sake of it!

The Packs

  • Amateur toolbox

    Amateur toolbox - 3 balls

  • professional toolbox

    Professional toolbox - 6 balls

  • Elite toolbox

    Elite toolbox - 12 balls


Some geeky Ecological & Packagy stuff:

These boxes were designed with recycled cardboard and they use no added varnish or any kind of glue to hold them up. They have a complex tab structure to support and an ingenious cutout to make the balls pop out and prevent themselves to fall out.
The model & prototype’s been laser-cutted and it takes 15 mins to assemble manually every single box.

Cutout model of the 3 balls pack: Amateur toolbox.